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DIGITAL Europe Programme InfoSession in Madrid, Spain

Published on 12 June, 2023

QUARTER presentd at the National InfoSession in Madrid: A full day dedicated to the DIGITAL Europe Programme


12th June 2023, Madrid (Spain) – The Secretary of State of Digitization and Artificial Intelligence of the Government of Spain hosted a crucial and informative session about the DIGITAL Europe Programme in Madrid, underscoring its significance and relevance.

The event, held by the State’s Secretary in Madrid , was a full day of immersive learning, providing a comprehensive understanding of the program, the various projects, and the pivotal role of Spanish companies in the DIGITAL initiatives.


    • The first section is dedicated to the general presentation of the program, calls, budget, implementation, fund combining, etc.
    • A second section is dedicated to firsthand experiences of Spanish entities participating in one of the Work Program 2021-2022 calls.
    • A third section aims to allow participating companies/organisations to network for this and other assistance programs, ultimately enhancing possible collaboration networks among them.

LuxQuanta, leader of the QUARTER consortium, attended, represented by its CEO, Vanesa Diñaz, to present the work, mission, and current state of the QUARTER project. The goal was to disseminate information within the Spanish Government about the current status of the projects while trying to establish a network of potential national collaborations that could impulse the project.

Written by Sergi Vizcaino

Strategy & Outreach Manager at LuxQuanta