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QUARTER Covered by International Press & Media

Published on 28 March, 2023

Following the official launch and announcement of the EuroQCI’s project QUARTER, both Spanish and European traditional and online media echoed the news in their journals.

The QUARTER consortium is working with a unique mission: to advance the maturity level of Quantum Cryptography and related technologies. QUARTER’s ultimate aim is to equip the European Union with the necessary technology to establish a pan-European Quantum Key Distribution backbone by 2027, as part of the EuroQCI initiative.

Since the official announcement several weeks ago, the international press and online media have echoed the news, highlighting the substantial funding provided by the European Commission and the ambitious collaboration among companies. However, what has been particularly emphasized is the significance of QUARTER’s mission.

Noteworthy publications such as The Quantum Insider, Inside Quantum Technology News, Quantum Zeitgeist, and The Quantum Observer have all featured the story. Even generalist technology media outlets like Intelligent CIO, Connect-World, Scientific Computing World or TelecomTV, have picked up on it.

The dissemination efforts initiated by the consortium leader, the Spanish company LuxQuanta, have also garnered significant attention within Spain. Naturally, the focus here has shifted towards generalist media outlets with broad audiences, such as the well-known newspapers La Vanguardia and EuropaPress. Nevertheless, interest in QUARTER also reached specialized publications like Redes & Telecom, Forbes Spain and Expansión.

Overall, the news has been covered by approximately 30 different media outlets, both within Spain and internationally. This widespread interest in the consortium and its endeavours reflects the importance of the EuroQCI mission for Europe and the future of our communications.

Written by Sergi Vizcaino

Strategy & Outreach Manager at LuxQuanta