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QCI Days Vienna: QUARTER and the EuroQCI ecosystem

Published on 29 January, 2024

In January 2024, QUARTER members attended the EuroQCI event in Vienna. The event featured networking opportunities, insightful talks, and critical discussions about the future of quantum communications in Europe.

QCI Days Vienna

QCI Days Vienna is an event focused on the progress and efforts of the EuroQCI initiative. The events gathered a diverse group of experts, including those from the Digital Europe Programme (DEP), Quantum Flagship projects, industry leaders, researchers, and policymakers in quantum communication and cybersecurity.

The event aims to offer a unique platform to share the latest developments in quantum-secure communications, learn the current state of the different pan-European projects, and shape the future of quantum-secure communication in Europe together, the EuroQCI.

Stage of the QCI Days, in Vienna. The event was hosted by AIT Austrian Institute of Technology at the Federation of Austrian Industries.

QUARTER & DEP1 Projects 

From the QUARTER consortium, fragmentiX, LuxQuanta and AIT Austrian Institute of Technology presented the progress the companies are doing as part of the project.

Marco Cofano, Lead Software Engineer at LuxQuanta, presented the overall QUARTER objective, work and current status of the project in front of the audience as part of a talk series dedicated exclusively to the DEP1 (Industrial) projects of the DIGITAL Europe Programme.

Marco Cofano, Head of the Software Unit at LuxQuanta, presenting the DEP1 project QUARTER in front of the audience. LuxQuanta, as project leader, represented QUARTER within the conference.

DEP1 projects like QUARTER gather companies to advance technologies critical for the required deployments as part of the EuroQCI initiative. On the other hand, there were also sessions dedicated to the DEP2 (National) projects, the ones devoted to deploying the QKD links within the country.       

Event Highlights

The event was organized to cover all the main topics regarding the current work and activities on Quantum Communications and the EuroQCI Initiatives. Panel discussions focused on the EuroQCI architecture and deployments, along with crucial speaking slots where leading experts and NSA representatives shared their views and the current state of certification and standardization.

Remarkably, during the two days, there was an active environment to foster networking between EuroQCI projects, academia, industry and end-users

One of the panel discussions of the event, about Quantum Communicatios in Europe.

Written by Sergi Vizcaino

Strategy & Outreach Manager at LuxQuanta