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QUARTER at the EuroQCI Spain Quantum Forum

Published on 02 December, 2023

November 28 to 29, 2023, Bizkaia (Spain) -A unique forum in innovation and quantum technologies is organized by the consortium known as EuroQCISpain.


EuroQCISpain is a consortium with the main objective of developing and deploying quantum communications technology in Spain within the framework of EuroQCI—European Quantum Communications Network—an initiative that will seek to deploy quantum secure communications across Europe in the next decade.

In other words, EuroQCI Spain is the National initiative (DEP-1) that will deploy the developments of Industrial projects like QUARTER (DEP-2). Therefore, our participation as industry representatives was critical to fostering a clearer view of the current situation and sparking the right discussions among the attendees.

The consortium comprises universities and research centres such as ICFO (Coordinator of the project), UPM and CSIC, industrial entities such as Cipherbit-Grupo Oesía and Indra, and telecommunications companies such as Telefonica and Cellnex.

The forum, which was the first of the Spanish initiative, has a primary objective of gathering the key players of the Quantum Industry to discuss ideas and establish collaboration to overcome future challenges in the development and deployment of Quantum Communication technologies in Europe.


At the forum, companies members of the consortium, such as Telefónica —also a member of the EuroQCI Spain—Cipherbit Grupo Oesia and LuxQUanta, participated in panel discussions and presentations where the role of Quarter was highlighted.

This national initiative is key to the proper growth and smooth evolution of the EuroQCI initiative. It fosters the needed collaboration and synergies so that Quantum technology developments like the ones happening within QUARTER can be deployed in all European Countries.



The two-day event gathers critical industry, government, and quantum ecosystem figures. During the first day, the talks and panels were focused on presenting the country’s current EuroQCI and Quantum Communications ecosystem. 
The session was presented by Enrique Sánchez, Head of EU Quantum Flagship (QCN) Office in Brusselss, Ager Izaguirre, from the Gobernment of Biscay, Oscar Díez, Head of Quantum Computing at the European Comission and Luis Furnells, CEO of Grupo Oesía. 

Highlighting the day, a roundtable with the main Spanish QKD manufacturers took place, with the participation of the QUARTER’s member LuxQuanta, who highlighted the critical role of the European Commission in further developing its QKD technology.

Representants from research and academic institutions, which have an important role in the ecosystem as leading organizations advocating and advancing technology developments, were also present. Valerio Pruneri (ICFO), Vicente Martín (UPM), MArcos Curty (Vigo Quantum Communciations Center) or Eduardo Jacob (EHU/UPV). 

On the other hand, the second day unfolded with a clear focus on the challenges facing the ecosystem, the entire Spanish quantum communication supply chain, and discussions regarding practical use cases for the deployment of quantum communication technologies in Spain. 

Representatives of different industries in the main sector highlighted the sessions and their use cases. For example, Jaime Gómez, from Banco Santander, spoke from a financial perspective. But also Diégo López (telefónica), Ismael Pacheco (CellNex) or Johanna Speúlveda (Airbus Defence & Space) where key representatives fo teh telecommunciations and critical infrastructure sectors. 

The event was a fantastic opportunity to gather all the Spanish ecosystem and find synergies and a common vector of actionable next steps to further improve the development of the technologies and use cases. 

Written by Sergi Vizcaino

Strategy & Outreach Manager at LuxQuanta