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QUARTER presented at the ECOC 2023, Glasgow

Published on 15 October, 2023

Glasgow, 4 October 2023. Representatives from QUARTER and LuxQuanta team attended he European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC).


The European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) is one of the most prestigious events in optical communications.

The conference brings together experts and leaders from academia, research, and industry worldwide to share their latest breakthroughs and visions for the future. Located this year in the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow, it encompasses everything from the materials and devices that make optical communication possible to the systems and networks that use them.

Venue where the exhibition was celebrated; Scottish Event Campus (SEC)


LuxQuanta, the company leading QUARTER and the primary European manufacturer of CV-QKD systems exhibited its ground-breaking technology while promoting QUARTER in a central and strategic fair point booth.

Situated close to the Market Focus stage, LuxQuanta’s booth caught the attention of all attendees who gathered to listen to industry experts’ technical presentations. Its prominent location ensured that anyone curious about Quantum Key Distribution solutions couldn’t help but notice.

Dr. Tabares, LuxQuanta’s Head of Optical Hardware Engineering, talking with an interested attendee of the show.

The presence at the exhibition was focused on showing the potential of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) in the Optical Communications industry but, equally importantly, on presenting QUARTER’s commitment to advancing the maturity level of QKD and related technologies for the EuroQCI deployment. It was an effort to spread awareness about protecting our current communications with Quantum Technologies.

During the commercial presentations and conversations with new partners at the booth, the QUARTER Project and consortium were continuously promoted to highlight the European Commission’s involvement and support in securing current communications. 

MARKET FOCUS TALK: Current state of QKD sector. 

Not only was the booth located near the Market Focus sessions, but LuxQuanta also had a slot to present and share company insights with a broad audience. In this case, their Strategy & Outreach Manager, Sergi Vizcaíno, shared a general vision of the current state of the Quantum Key Distribution technology market. 

QUARTER was presented while explaining the current ecosystem situation and LuxQuanta’s work. It was remarked on as a key project to enable the needed technological and ecosystem development. Presented in front of the audience, Sergi pointed out our mission, the role of each partner within the consortium and how the support of the European Commission is shaping the growth and development of the Quantum Ecosystem in Europe.

Sergi Vizcaíno, Strategy & Outreach Manager at LuxQuanta, speaking to the Market Focus audience about QUARTER and the state of the QKD Market.


Notably, he also listed the different factors leading to the exponential growth of the QKD market, which is expected to reach around $ $5 billion by 2031, with a clear exponential curve. 

Although the forecast is promising, all QKD manufacturers still face many challenges. Technology needs to be upgraded, and collaboration between industry players must be ignited to make a global QKD deployment to make communications from Quantum computers a reality. 

 As a Consortium, QUARTER, we will continue to attend as many industry and academic events as possible to promote our mission and commitment to a secure European Communications Infrastructure. This is critical to both remarking on Europe’s commitment and disseminating the support that governments are giving to the further development of technology.

Written by Sergi Vizcaino

Strategy & Outreach Manager at LuxQuanta