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Telefónica at the C1b3rWall Security Congress

Published on 20 June, 2024

On Wednesday, June 19, the QUARTER member Telefónica, gave a presentation at the C1b3rWall Congress, a Spanish event focused on the latest advancements and strategies in digital security.

C1b3erWall Congress

Organized by the National Police and coinciding with its 200th anniversary, the event gathers predominantly key companies and profiles within the national scope with notable international participation.  On its fourth edition, C1b3rWall Congress is the event of the C1b3Wall project, created in 2018 to develop the necessary and highest-quality skills and capabilities for professionals working in cybersecurity.

This year’s event focused on the proper use cases of Artificial Intelligence and how to incorporate its benefits into existing infrastructures and processes to be effective against cybercrime. However, Congress engaged in many other topics under the slogan: “There’s no better way to protect ourselves than by being prepared and educated in digital security.”

Presentation of its first edition back in 2019. Source: C1b3rWall Webpage

Telefónica I+D & QUARTER 

Juan Morales, R&D member at Telefónica I+D (TID), the innovation company of Telefónica Group, spoke at the Congress with a talk titled: Securing the network in the post-quantum era“.

As the title suggests, it was aimed to share the efforts and projects where Telefónica is involved to prepare networks for the coming quantum day;  the day when Quantum Computing will be mature enough to compromise current communications protected by classical cryptography. TID has been working since 2009 in QKD technology, deploying first prototypes compatible with Telco equipment in lab and later with several production environment trials starting in 2018.

As part of the talk, Juan highlighted the role and objective of QUARTER along the contributions of Telefónica within the consortium. Telefónica I+D, within QUARTER, focus on consolidating requirements for QKD systems, increasing the TRL of SDN technology for QKD network integration, and validating the solutions developed within the project via field trials.

These activities are critical for the overall maturity journey o Quantum Key Distribution and related technologies and environments, in order to provide the requirements for the EuroQCI deployment. 

Written by Sergi Vizcaino

Strategy & Outreach Manager at LuxQuanta